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TalkToFoodLion Survey Page 2024 – Welcome!

Take Talk To Food Lion Customer 2024 at the official survey portal at

Enter the survey & grab a chance to win one of five $500 winners drawn monthly. It won’t take more than five minutes to complete the survey.

The Talk to Food Lion survey page is elegant; it has a 16-digit PIN to fill in. Carry the purchase receipt with you as you are taking the survey online.

talktofoodlion survey page
TalkToFoodLion – Survey Page


  1. Residents of the United States are allowed to start the survey.
  2. The age for the survey participation is 18.
  3. Enter the survey portal ( within five days of the store visit.

The Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey program is a feedback-collecting program run by Food Lion officials. Its main intention is to collect opinions from customers who visit its stores.

In simple terms, you must share your last store visit experience. The main focus is on customer satisfaction, loyalty, and customer recommendations for improving the store.

I hope all the above points are clear. Click the link below to start the survey process.

Talk To Food Lion Survey Details

Survey Website:Www.TalkToFoodLion.Com
Survey Age:Age Of Majority (18+)
Contest Period:July 1, 2024 – December 31, 2024
Receipt Valid Till:05 Days
Entry ModeOnline & Mail-In-Entry

How To Participate In The Food Lion Survey?

Be ready with the receipt (hold it in your hand); start the Talk to Food Lion survey now!

  1. Visit the survey website at
  2. Enter the 16-digit PIN from the receipt.
  3. Kindly share your honest feedback about your recent visit to the store.
  4. Share your first & last name, evening and morning phone number, zip code, & email address.
  5. Please submit them.

Congratulations on completing the survey!

Now, you enter into the survey sweepstakes contest 2024. If you are one of the lucky winners, you win one of ten $500 Food Lion gift cards.

The Food Lion team will contact you, so provide the working mail address & phone number.

Sweepstakes Open On July 1, 2024, at 12:00:01 AM ET.

Sweepstakes Close On December 31, 2024, at 11:59:59 PM ET.

Food Lion Survey Winners List

To request a copy of the Official Winners List;

Please submit a self-addressed, stamped envelope for receipt by February 13, 2025, to “Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey Winner’s List,” P.O. Box 458, Newark, NY 14513.

“These Sweepstakes shall not be published without the written permission of the Sponsor.”

I hope the Talk To Food Lion Customer Survey guide is simple.

Visit to participate in the Food Lion customer survey.

The survey website is for customers facing issues while taking the sweepstakes.

Kindly give suggestions after completing the Food Lion Customer Survey 2024.

18 thoughts on “TalkToFoodLion Survey Page 2024 – Welcome!”

  1. Shortly before Food Lion changed sushi vendors, a 15-piece vegetable roll (cucumber & avocado) was $6.59. Soon after the vendor change, that same roll became a 12-piece roll, and the price changed to $6.99. Today, it is a 10-piece roll for $6.99. It’s no longer a good value, and it is no longer worth it. We’ve noticed the shrinkflation, and we are not having it.

  2. We went to Food Lion in Liberty, NC, on November 15th around 2-3 pm. Nancie was our register person, and she was terrific! She said that with all I bought, which was $300, I could get more turkeys. $4 for every $35 spent! So we ended up getting four turkeys even though we could have gotten more. My husband went to Claira, who was the standing manager at the time, to let her know how amazing she was, and when he turned around, she stood there with some crew members and was like, “ok, what she does?” but she said it was hateful like she didn’t care. I’m sorry, but if someone came to me telling me my store member was outstanding, I would say, “Thank you so much, sir! She represents Food Lion, and we make sure customer service is satisfactory for our customers. I’m glad you were able to experience that today!” Not “Oh well, ok, what did she do?!” And this was after he walked off, and I was standing there watching her do it. I then turned around, looked at her, and said, “Customer service! That’s what she did! She was amazing, and she saved us a lot of money today!” I asked her what her name was, and she said Claira. I said, good, because I like to know what name to put down when I do your survey!! As I was talking to them, I told my husband, who said to let it go. I told him I wanted to let it go because when you walked away, she acted as if she didn’t care and didn’t believe you, and I yelled out how managers should respect their employees and how they should always thank people when someone takes the time to acknowledge one of their own!! She then finished with what she was doing before leaving and proceeded to tell me thanks and walk away, which was a fake thanks! It was only to save her butt, is what it was! I feel if you have managers, and I’m a manager of my store, then they should know how to take significant criticism, remarks, and anything said about their cashier or workers with a “thank you!” All I’m asking!

  3. I just finished my sweepstake survey, and the ONLY problem I saw with the store was that you only had three cashiers, and some people in line were extremely frustrated with the wait. I was ok with it because everything else was A+++ with the store. The cashiers were very polite, BUT I could see they were “OVERWORKED” 🙁

  4. When I looked at my wallet, I had no bank card and panicked. Here come Lindsay Hoaer with a beautiful smile, telling me everything’s going to be ok. So I told her to take these items off because I didn’t have the money. My feelings hurt, and I’m in a slump because the stuff was for my son. The smile she gave me saved the day. Please do a review for me. Lindsay went above and beyond to make sure I lived her story happily. This week has been trying for me, but she showed me there’s still good pain in this world. Thanks so much. U really went above and beyond for my family today. I’m genuinely proud to say that Food Lion has excellent prices and great people working there. Lindsay, thanks so much. My mom and I talked about you as we were leaving the store, and there were nothing but great words we could say about you. Truly blessed.

  5. Commendation for Outstanding Customer Service by Josh at Food Lion

    Dear Food Lion Management,

    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional customer service provided by Josh at the deli. His dedication and skill in preparing the fried chicken have genuinely impressed me.

    Josh consistently goes above and beyond, delivering a level of service that is both professional and personable. The fried chicken he prepares is nothing short of phenomenal – it has quickly become some of the best I’ve ever had. His attention to detail and commitment to quality are truly commendable.

    In an era where outstanding customer service is a rare gem, Josh’s efforts shine brightly. I believe such exemplary service deserves recognition, and I want to convey my appreciation.

    Thank you for having such a dedicated and talented individual on your team. I look forward to continuing to enjoy the delicious fried chicken and excellent service at Food Lion.

    K. Nandria Rowe

    The Food Lion on Emanuel Church Road in West Columbia, SC 29170

  6. I live in DE, but I love to shop in the Elkton, MD store because the meats are better trimmed but mainly because the staff are so amiable, helpful & and thoughtful to seniors. Well, NOT TODAY’S visit. I am 77, must use a cane & am trying to recover from a broken wrist (clearly bandaged). I checked out @ 11:17 am. The store was almost empty. The cashier I had bagged everything so heavily that I had to remove some items from the bags in order to lift them. She left all of the bags (6 or 7 of them) at the end of the counter and watched as I struggled to load them into my cart while balancing on my cane. Please note there was NO ONE behind me in line, so she didn’t have to service another customer. She just stood there while I struggled. Thankfully, when I got to my car, another kind person, seeing me struggling to lift the heavy bags, offered to help. That kind of woman was 81 years old! If I decide to return to the Elkton store, I will make sure to avoid this cashier.

  7. My cashier #0218 on register 006 in your GA store: 02846 was so pleasant and nice and did a fantastic job with my groceries. I really appreciated her efforts.

  8. When filling out forms regarding my recent shopping experiences, there aren’t N/A or DNA offered on each page, but in order to finish the survey, a person has to answer. I always select Excellent because that is my only option for some questions that are asked that do not apply to me or my shopping experience. I have no complaints about my Food Lion Store #0779 in Winterville, NC… It’s a beautiful store!!

  9. I shopped at my local Foodlion on May 4, 2024, and had three different issues.

    1. I purchased a turkey breast that was on sale. The sale price was $7.55. Register read 9.54
    2. I purchased 1 FL sweet and salty peanut granola bar and was charged for 2.

    These two errors were found before I left the parking lot and were corrected by your customer service representative.

    I also purchased a container of chocolate chip cookies for sale for $8.99 f, which contained 0 cookies. I freeze them in pkgs of 10. , but there are only 36 cookies in the container.

    Fortunately, this doesn’t happen every time I shop, but now I feel the need to check my receipt carefully each time.

  10. I want to give a big thank you to Carolyn, who monitors the self-checkout. She always helps if I ask questions or watches my cart if I run back to get something I forgot. On Wednesday, she went above and beyond her job description. She ran out into the parking lot to find me. I had not taken my receipt, and she said, “You always want your receipt,” and she was absolutely correct!

  11. I love Food Lion. Every time I shop there, I take care of my every need, no matter what it is! When I check out, I always say ‘Food Lion is the best’ to the cashier, and I usually say it loud enough so the cashier is not the only one to hear it! I will always go to Food Lion!

  12. Hello,
    I am just a customer who wants to thank you to the Food Lion in Conway, SC. Last year, this time, I broke my left foot, had surgery in September, and after six months of recovery, I am up and walking. I was only successful because of the help of strangers. I am still determining their job titles, but a very special thank you and appreciation to Ms. Ellen, Tammy, and Tina. They were working behind the customer service desk, and when I needed to shop, these ladies and other team members drove the mobile shopping cart to my car. That gesture might seem small to others, but it was a massive help to me. When items were too high to reach, the store crew were there to assist me. To the cake decorator who made me the Strawberry Tart Cake with white whip icing, and yes, it made me cry because that day I was in a lot of foot pain. Even customers from all diverse backgrounds offered to help. Talk about a family-friendly environment. It’s so rare to have a place to shop, love everyone who works, and even appreciate the customers who shop there because it just says that kindness is a language by itself. Thank you, Food Lion.

    Dennie Smalls

  13. Customer service rep “Tiffany” is simply the best! I contacted customer service today because my Shop and Earn credits didn’t show up after shopping yesterday. She determined what the problem was (the store card was used instead of my card) and straightened it all out (which was quite a category list.) She is extremely polite, professional and helpful. I was disconnected after our conversation so that I couldn’t take the scheduled survey. I wanted to let you know what a great asset Tiffany is to your team. She made me feel my needs were important to her and valued me as a Foodlion shopper!!!

  14. I want to comment on your employee Caleb at store #2240. He is such a credit to your organization. He is polite, professional, efficient, and fast. He is probably one of your best cashiers. He should be commended for his exceptional customer service abilities.

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